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4th Saudi relief ship to help Palestinians arrives in Egypt

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief)’s team received on Monday the 4th ship of Saudi sea bridge shipment to help Palestinians in Gaza, in Port Said in Egypt.

The 4th shipment is loaded with 250 large containers. It holds 225 containers containing materials and supplies to meet the needs of hospitals in Gaza, as well as 25 containers containing basic food and shelter materials.

This relief will be prepared to be transported to those affected inside the Gaza Strip. It is worth mentioning that 3 ships operated by the KSrelief arrived at Port Said several days ago carrying several food, medical and shelter aid.

This assistance comes within the Saudi sea bridge to aid the Palestinians people in the Gaza Strip.

It also comes within the framework of Saudi Arabia’s historical role known as standing with the Palestinian people in the various crises they are experiencing.





Saudi Gazette