UAE-based agritech business Graze-it is now formally commencing its operations in the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) with the aim of disrupting livestock feed for a more sustainable future.

By growing sustainable animal feed directly at the consumer’s site, the company is solving a major food security challenge in the Middle East, using state-of-the-art controlled environment agriculture (CEA), allowing a water consumption 95% lower than conventional agriculture.

Graze-it comes into play by eliminating the expensive transportation & logistic scope of the imported livestock feed, growing it directly at the consumer’s site. Moreover, Graze-it carries the complete production responsibility by supplying “feed as a service” through a subscription model. This strategy shields the end user from the effects of excessive market volatility by enabling the customer to ensure predictable quality, volume, and competitive price over an extended period. In addition to having appealing production costs, fresh, organic, pesticide-free feed is also easier to digest.

According to research, the global deforestation rate is reaching up to 10 million hectares per year – which is equivalent to the total UAE geographic area. This is mainly driven by animal agriculture industries alone.

Given that 45% of the earth’s land is used for livestock and crops, which is responsible for more than 60% of greenhouse gas emissions – innovation is required in this sector to fight climate change.

While the conventional farming industry is under growing pressure to reduce its carbon footprint and water consumption, Graze-it has adopted a holistic approach by focusing on the complete production cycle from seeds, livestock consumption & digestion, all the way to the end product. The company is releasing a smart Agri-solution that cuts by more than 35% of the overall carbon emissions that can be accounted for each litter of milk produced.

To guarantee consistent productivity, quality, and scale, Graze-it has developed a proprietary “smart data” platform backed by Artificial Intelligence to optimize the productivity of the assets and improve the nutrition mix depending on the customer requirements.

“We believe in a different way to preserve our planet from the devastating carbon footprint impact of meat & dairy industry. Changing human consumption behaviour is necessary, but it will take a while. We’d rather focus on a disruptive change at the top of the value chain that has the highest potential of considerably diminishing carbon emissions,” said Alexandre Skander Allegue, Founder & CEO of Graze-it.