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Arab-Islamic summit calls for weapons embargo on Israel

The extraordinary joint Arab-Islamic summit in Riyadh on Saturday called for an embargo on weapons and ammunition exports to Israel, urging the International Criminal Court to investigate Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people.

The summit decided to break the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip and immediately allow the entry of humanitarian aid, including fuel.

The statement condemned any attempts to displace Palestinians from the northern to the southern part of Gaza or outside the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and Jerusalem, calling on the UN Security Council to make a binding decision to stop the ongoing Israeli attack without hesitation.

The final statement of the summit rejected describing the retaliatory war on Gaza as “self-defense” and emphasized the immediate lifting of the blockade on Gaza and the immediate entry of aid.

The statement expressed support for Egypt in facing the consequences of the Israeli aggression on Gaza and endorsed its relief efforts.

The summit called on the UN Security Council to make a decisive resolution requiring Israel to stop the aggression on Gaza.

The statement highlighted that double standards undermine the credibility of countries placing Israel above international law, and the displacement of Gaza residents to the southern part is a war crime imposed by Israel.

The summit vehemently rejected any attempt to displace Gaza or West Bank residents, including those in Jerusalem.





Saudi Gazette report