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Civil Defense inspects 10,047 facilities so far during Ramadan

The General Directorate of Civil Defense has so far conducted 10,047 inspections of accommodation and facilities in Makkah and Madinah during Ramadan, to ensure that they meet all safety requirements and comply with regulations.

Meanwhile, the emergency forces of the Civil Defense in Makkah continue to carry out missions to maintain the security and safety of Umrah performers.

The directorate confirmed the forces’ readiness to address potential dangers and intervene quickly in firefighting and rescue incidents with specialized teams to protect lives and property, as well as provide humanitarian services to pilgrims and visitors to Makkah’s Grand Mosque.




The teams also raise awareness about preventive safety in residential facilities and shelters for Umrah performers and visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque.

As part of the campaign, daily awareness messages are broadcast through various platforms, including Civil Defense social media accounts, road screens, text messages and billboards.

The directorate also held an awareness exhibition at the Haramain High-Speed Railway Station to educate Umrah performers and visitors to the Grand Mosque about safety systems.

The teams also presented visitors with the services and tasks provided to Umrah performers to enhance safety through a smart robot that speaks 96 languages.