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General Authority for Foreign Trade launches workshops to boost Saudi exports


The General Authority for Foreign Trade, represented by the Agency for Private Sector Affairs and International Representation, has launched a series of workshops titled “Through the Attachés” to boost the access of Saudi exports to global markets.

These workshops are held periodically to provide Saudi exporters with all procedures and requirements, targeted markets, available opportunities for exporting Saudi products to global markets. The aim of these workshops is to identify markets targeted by exporters, understand key agreements that facilitate product access and encourage investment.

Fawaz bin Saad bin Rafa’ah, acting deputy governor for Private Sector Affairs and International Representation, highlighted that these meetings will facilitate Saudi exporters’ entry into global markets. Furthermore, this includes methods for accessing and participating in these exhibitions.

These workshops aimed to maximize benefits by aiding entities in promoting commercial attachés globally. Moreover, they emphasize Saudi Arabia’s geographic strengths and competitive advantages, fostering a more diverse and sustainable economy. The Foreign Trade Authority focuses on maximizing Saudi Arabia’s trade gains, boosting exports, and defending its trade interests.

This effort aids in developing Saudi Arabia’s economy, guided by 20 commercial attachés worldwide. The authority has provided communication methods to submit a request to benefit from workshops and meetings “through attachés” via e-mail ACA@gaft.gov.sa.

It is noteworthy that the Foreign Trade Authority works to maximize the Kingdom’s international trade gains, enable Saudi exports to reach foreign markets, attract investments, and defend its interests in the fields of foreign trade, in a way that contributes to the development of its national economy. The General Authority for Foreign Trade is a government agency that was established on 1 January 2019 and is responsible for enhancing the Kingdom’s international commercial and investment activities.








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