The transition of investors from other sectors to invest in the health sector proves that it is a trustworthy sector, Minister of Health Fahad Al-Jalajel confirmed.

Al-Jalajel made the remarks during the third session of the Global Health Forum, which is being held this year in Riyadh with the slogan “Transformation in the Health Sector”, indicating the large entry of international and national alliances into the projects proposed through the National Privatization Center (NCP).

The Ministry of Health has only offered 10% of the existing privatization projects in the health sector, Al-Jalajel confirmed, while adding that the coming period will witness the announcement of the remaining projects.

He said that the health sector is very promising and that the number of investors in it is large and includes several things, whether with the participation of the private sector or direct investment of the private sector.

He added that even the decision of international companies to move their headquarters to Saudi Arabia is very high.

The number of partnership projects with the private sector in health services that are planned over the next 5 years will exceed 100 projects, and the estimated capital investment opportunities in these projects by the private sector are estimated at SR48 billion.

Al-Jalajel confirmed that the partnerships between the public and private sectors have resulted in several successes, such as the establishment and operation of two medical cities in the north and south of Saudi Arabia, as well as providing air medical transport services at the level of the Kingdom.

The partnership between the private and public sectors also resulted in the establishment and operation of 900 beds to provide medical rehabilitation services, Al-Jalajel said.

He noted that primary health care services were restructured and improved in more than 200 centers, while also setting up a partnership for radiology services.