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KSrelief carries out humanitarian projects in Lebanon, Indonesia

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center has been actively involved in various humanitarian projects across Lebanon and Indonesia.

In Lebanon, KSrelief continued implementing the Al-Amal Charitable Bakery project, in its fourth stage, in the Akkar Governorate and Miniyeh District.

During the past week, the project distributed 150,000 bags of bread to needy families, benefiting 125,000 individuals, including Syrians, Palestinians, and the local host community in northern Lebanon.

KSrelief also funded the ambulance service of the Subul Al-Salam Social Association in the Miniyeh District.

Over the last week, the service carried out 62 emergency missions, including transporting patients to and from hospitals and assisting victims of traffic accidents.

This support is part of a project aimed at enhancing ambulance transport services in Lebanon, including in areas with refugee communities.

In Indonesia, KSrelief concluded a volunteer medical project for pediatric heart surgery in Medan, from June 24 to July 1.

The project involved 27 volunteers from various medical specialties, who performed 25 open-heart surgeries.