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Liwan Real Estate launches identity of its exceptional project ‘Livein Liwan’

Liwan Real Estate Development Company has unveiled the new identity of its upcoming multi-purpose project “Livein Liwan,” located northwest of the capital city Riyadh, specifically in the Al Mohammadia neighborhood. This neighborhood is situated on King Abdullah Road and lies between King Fahd Road and Al Takhasosi Street.

The identity emphasizes the importance of the quality of life in the real estate sector. The name “Livein Liwan” was chosen to reflect a desire to live in a lively, integrated place. The Arabic font was carefully selected to convey the pride of the Arabic identity while also blending with the modernity of the French style. The colors were chosen to give it a higher level of beauty with gradual shades of warm colors, symbolizing a peaceful life, and lively colors that pop with vigor and healthy living.

The visual identity of the project, represented by triangles, symbolizes the old Najdi construction and solidifies the Salmani style as they blend with the modern style.

That said, the complete definition of Livein Liwan is indicative of the Liwanic life. As is widely known, the Liwan is a building that is closed on three sides and open on one side. As such, Livein Liwan reflects life within three Liwans:

The first Liwan in the letter (U) is the commercial area, namely the strip mall where the commercial stores, restaurants, and cafes thrive. It is considered a very lively area.

The second Liwan is embodied in building number 5, which is in the shape of (U) as well. The pool and gyms are found in its center (an area for families and youth).

Finally, the third Liwan is located in buildings number 4 and 6, where the mosque and parks are found in a Liwan of spiritual serenity that celebrates the elderly who enjoy spending their time there.

Thanks to these Liwans, the quality of life meets integrated construction and the enjoyment of life within the project. Lighting the paths of Al Mohammadia to pulsate with liveliness from between Al Diriyah and King Salman Park.

It is worth noting that Livein Liwan represents an active point where residential areas meet with commercial galleries and office spaces, woven with green open spaces. Equipped with complete services and facilities such as gyms, closed and open swimming pools, a multi-purpose hall, Padel games, and children’s games. On top of that, the project introduces an open strip mall 230 meters in length with a view of King Abdullah Road, featuring a boulevard and outdoor seating, restaurants, and cafes. All to give visitors and residents a unique experience and enjoyment within the details of the project.




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