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Lulu KSA announces Ramadan deals that bring charity & convenience together

Lulu Saudi Hypermarkets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have announced a grand Ramadan promotion that offers some of the best products from around the world at super affordable prices. Given that shoppers will be looking for value and quality for a wide range of essential goods, the Hypermarket has announced ‘killer prices’ on basic goods such as rice, tea, juices, flour, oil etc. to ready-to-prepare foods like samosa, kibbeh etc. in the ‘Freezer to Fryer’ section, the best cuts of meat and fresh fruit and vegetables for Ramadan meals; there will also be deals on desserts, delicatessen cheeses and cold cuts, to children’s treats and even special diet meals (vegan, organic, keto etc).

Since the Holy Month is also marked with unique local traditions, LuLu will be stocking up on special Ramadan treats that will fulfill the requirements of the sacred month – children’s treats for Girgaun, on the 15th day of Ramadan when little ones dressed in traditional finery are given gifts and Ramadan-themed gift cards in denominations from SR 50 to SR 500,which make for fun and valuable gifts to be handed out on social occasions. Shoppers can pick up ready-packed boxed essentials for Ramadan for just SR 199 – the Ramadan Box contains supplies for a busy and delicious Ramadan kitchen with everything from rice and oil to milk powder, tea, sugar, juice concentrates, pasta, dates, chicken stock, flour etc. Shoppers can also opt for a ready-packed, tasty and nutritious Iftar meal Ramadan-themed cards for just SR 15. There are also great-value Suhoor gift cards.

The Ramadan Spirit of Charity has not been forgotten: shoppers can conveniently practice the Joy of Giving by purchasing LuLu’s Ramadan Charity Boxes. These come in an affordable price point of SR 99 for a pre-packed box of essentials or an Iftar meal gift card for SR 15 – the pre-packaged boxes contain household essentials and LuLu has partnered with the Saudi Food Bank to distribute these donated boxes to reach families in need who will get the boxes.

Since shoppers will be preparing for get-togethers, LuLu is also offering amazing deals on home accessories, cleaning equipment, home linen and white goods. Ramadan get-togethers also mean a new wardrobe and LuLu makes it convenient and stylish with their Hight Street fashion deals.

“We wish all our valued shoppers Ramadan Mubarak – this Holy Month is very important to all of us and LuLu wants shoppers to enjoy convenience, quality and at best prices,” said Mr. Shehim Mohammed, Director, LuLu Hypermarket, Saudi Arabia, “With that in mind, we have scanned the world markets for the best products and also worked to put together best charity options and gifting options to make shopping easy and enjoyable.”








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