MBC Group, a leading media company in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena), has announced a long-term licensing and media partnership with GMG, a global well-being company operating leading brands.

To begin the partnership, Farm Fresh, the leading brand under the portfolio of GMG’s food brands will feature MBC Group’s beloved ‘Fananees’ characters on its packaging and branding during the upcoming Ramadan 2023 season, capturing the attention of consumers, and creating a strong connection with families and individuals who value high-quality food options.

Through this collaboration, MBC Group and GMG’s Food Portfolio aim to revolutionise how consumers look at food by providing them with convenient and exciting products that meet their needs and preferences in the UAE and the rest of the GCC in the near future.

Ramadan retail experience

Fadel Zahreddine, Group Director of Emerging Media at MBC Group, said: “This exciting collaboration with GMG’s Farm Fresh, in bringing our beloved ‘Fananees’ characters to the brand, will no doubt transform the Ramadan retail experience. The theme of togetherness is the essence of the ‘Fananees’ brand, bringing joyful moments to families and creating memorable stories throughout the festive season and beyond.”

Roy Nasrallah, Vice President of Marketing – Everyday Goods, GMG said: “This partnership not only opens doors for future projects, but also reinforces our commitment to delivering high-quality experiences to our customers. We are confident this new collaboration will create new opportunities and bring more creative and innovative ideas to life.”

“The ‘Fananees’ characters – popular with families and children across the Middle East and beyond – are a natural fit for Farm Fresh’s commitment to providing nutritious and wholesome food products,” he further added.

Seven characters

Symbolising family, togetherness, and cultural heritage, ‘Fananees’ comprises seven characters from MBC’s popular mini-series of the same name that first appeared during Ramadan as short skits between televised shows. In 2021, MBC televised a 30-episode series, featuring the group of friends facing various challenges of their own doing, and trying to solve them with hilarious consequences.

GMG first entered the food industry when it launched its first butchery in 1977 in the UAE, and today, the company has triumphantly risen to become a dominant force in the region’s food sector. With a commitment to quality, GMG’s food brands have consistently delivered delicious food products to customers, earning a stellar reputation for excellence and innovation.