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Media in Saudi Arabia encounter the advanced features and technologies of the JAECOO brand

On December 16, the JAECOO 7 media test drive event unfolded with grandeur at a lavish resort in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Distinguished leaders from the Ministry of Investment and the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia graced the occasion, witnessing firsthand the captivating allure of JAECOO 7. Themed “From Classic, Beyond Classic,” the event drew the participation of more than 40 esteemed Saudi automotive media outlets and prominent social media influencers. Commencing with a concise introduction to the innovative urban off-road brand JAECOO 7, highlighting its breakthroughs in intelligent technology, the event transitioned then into an exhilarating journey of speed and emotion across the off-road terrain, which was crafted specifically for this occasion. The experience provided attendees with an immersive understanding of the new product’s prowess, symbolizing the quintessential embodiment of urban off-road SUVs.

In mid-November, JAECOO hosted an online media communication meeting in Mexico. During the event, JAECOO engaged in-depth with over twenty Mexican technology media outlets, discussing its technological advantages, innovative breakthroughs, and the transformation of technological achievements. This further deepened the media and market’s understanding and recognition of JAECOO’s brand and technological capabilities.

On November 23, the JAECOO South Africa product launch, themed “A Journey to Remember,” was grandly held in the dreamy city of Cape Town.

At the event, the media unanimously expressed, “The J7 not only embodies the performance of classic off-road vehicles but also meets daily commuting needs in terms of intelligence and comfort. It exemplifies JAECOO’s brand philosophy of ‘From Classic, Beyond Classic,’ which will garner significant attention from consumers in the off-road vehicle market.”

Evidently, driven by the dual wheels of technological innovation and brand renewal, JAECOO’s recognition in the global market is rapidly increasing, thereby continually amplifying its global development trajectory.

Reputation stems from strength. While inheriting classic off-road core capabilities, JAECOO continuously pushes the boundaries of intelligent technology. Its proprietary ARDIS (All-Terrain Intelligence System) endows JAECOO products with off-road and breakout performances surpassing their peers.

In terms of safety, all JAECOO models are built to global five-star safety standards. With innovative energy-absorbing cage-like body designs, extensive use of high-strength steel, and a range of enhancements including leading ADAS, JAECOO has established a comprehensive safety protection system for its products. This is a significant reason why the J7 has received widespread praise from global media and users.

As a new urban off-road model, the J7 rivals classic off-road SUVs in various passability indicators such as approach angle, departure angle, ground clearance, and water wading depth, fully embodying JAECOO’s brand philosophy of “From Classic.”

Additionally, the J7 is equipped with the industry-leading 8155 chip, along with rare features for traditional off-road models such as a super-large sky-screen, a new HUD head-up display, 540° panoramic imaging, and other multi-dimensional intelligent cockpit technologies. These cater to users’ urgent demands for technological intelligence, bringing to life the “Beyond Classic” essence of the JAECOO brand.

According to plans, JAECOO is set to enter over twenty global markets in the first half of next year. Looking ahead, JAECOO will continue to delve into off-road value with its differentiated brand positioning, shape a high-quality brand image with deep intelligent empowerment, accelerate its coverage of the global market, and bring an extraordinary off-road product experience to users worldwide.







Saudi Gazette