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About Company

About Us

KBE is a leading manufacturer of air movement & fire smoke management products, dedicated to providing the best service for the HVAC market. Founded in 1979 by Khalil A. Boutros, KBE has expanded its product line to include most air distribution products for use in residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.
KBE manufactures an extensive range of grilles, registers, diffusers, louvers, sound attenuators, dampers & VAV’s. Our products are tested and certified by renowned laboratories and other facilities listed under “Certification List” section. KBE products have met the quality and operational expectations in all types of applications, especially under critical operating conditions.
KBE has equipped itself to expand its sales operations and manufacturing capabilities, to cover the markets of the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.
Our offices are in:

  • Beirut-Lebanon
  • Dubai-UAE
  • Abu Dhabi-UAE
  • Riyadh-KSA
  • Jeddah-KSA
  • Dammam-KSA
  • Doha-Qatar
  • Manama-Bahrain
  • Muscat-Oman

Supported by a 25,000 SQM factory in Beirut, 9,000 SQM factory in Riyadh and a 3,500 SQM factory in Dubai.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission
As a pioneer in this industry, our mission is dedicated to making continuous improvements to provide high-performing and high-standard air movement & fire smoke management products to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. Our rigorous adherence to quality has been the primary fuel for our remarkable growth; whereas, we carefully control the quality of each product at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Our Vision
  • To innovate and develop our products as per international standards.
  • To optimize delivery time, cost, and performance of our products.
  • To enhance relationships with our business partners.
  • To ensure safety and environmental sustainability.

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Contact Details

2708815 / 966597150700
Khobar, King Fahed Street, Cross 24 Khobar-Saudi Arabia