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About Company

ACIC- Tandheef provides specialized Pre-Operational Cleaning Services for new plant construction and the solutions to unique and difficult maintenance problems at operating facilities.

Our specialized Pre-Operational Cleaning Services for new plant construction remains a core service activity, but services for existing and operating equipment is also a large part of our activities.

ACIC- Tandheef provides project management services & engineered solutions on unique and difficult commissioning and maintenance problems in both new and operating facilities.

We can assist you beginning with customer contact and then all the way through to finishing your project and finalizing the turnover report: Starting with site visits, cost estimating and bidding, procurement & logistics, creating the technical method statements and writing technical procedures,performing, and supervising – to manage & complete your project on time.

We source solutions for our customers as they encounter difficulties in the execution of projects or maintenance activities. We utilize our network to source the needed products, services and expert personnel.

ACIC- Tandheef forms partnerships with technical service specialists that your project requires to provide modern high technology and world-class solutions. The ACIC network includes companies that provide “State of the Art” products. ACIC manages the execution of the services and provides marketing and aftermarket service support for engineered products.

ACIC- Tandheef provides Project Management and Engineering and Construction Supervision personnel for all types of process related projects. We have sources for Western and Eastern Engineers, Managers and Supervisors with many years of experience available for both long term and short-term assignments.


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7548, Bin Shaibah- Unit No: 1, 35523 - Al Jubail, KSA