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About Company

Acumen Consulting is a boutique management consulting firm specializing in supporting SMEs & the start-up ecosystem. Acumen is built on a mindset of utilizing innovative data analytics and cross disciplinary analysis to empower governments, organizations, incubators, and small and medium enterprises to make better business decisions.

The creation of Acumen Consulting was driven by the void in the market between Western business concepts that do not apply to our Middle Eastern business dynamic and domestic traditional business methods that have failed at keeping up with the pace of global economic change. Hence, we currently find ourselves at a unique point in business history where the business community is actually in need of re-inventing the proverbial wheel.

This situation mandates a domestic government framework that is able to respond with great agility to the market changes and strike a balance between its socioeconomic obligations and growth pressures. Acumen Consulting aims to step in to empower the government and the public sector at large to do so; through enhancing decision making ability and providing consulting in policy & strategy design as well as implementation support.

Our success in this mission relies on our core team of seasoned economists with extensive business experience as well as our rapidly growing network of industry-specific professionals. Acumen creates a platform for visionaries, professionals & academia to come together and find novel solutions to complex & multifaceted issues. This skill-set enables us to view the issue from a myriad of perspectives: A holistic high-level economic perspective that drives top-down decision making and drives market implications; in tandem with a business perspective that guides the more micro company & industry interpretations of these strategies and the creation of an enabling environment for success.

Our mission:
We are about focused and sustainable impact. We understand the challenges that are faced by businesses operating in Egypt and the Middle East today and bring the right people together to provide a focused solution to a well identified problem. Furthermore, we work with our clients on setting up the mechanisms that ensure the solution is implementable and sustainable after we are gone.

Our Services:

-Strategy and Planning
-Organization Redesign and Development
-Digital Transformation
-Policy Design
-Business Transformation
-Marketing and Product Innovation
-Economic Outlooks
-New Venture Assessment
-Training and Capacity Building
-Export Promotion

Our Website: www.acumenconsult.com


Acumen Consulting

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150 Nile Street, Agouza, 5th Floor