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About Company

It can shape a building, transform a space and bring architecture to life. We combine technology and creativity so that our lights are engineered to last and are beautifully finished, which means that they look great whether they’re switched on or off.

Our new company, Advanced Lighting Company Founded with experts at LED Engineering, shaping and finishing required and market needs. With the Highly Educated management team have given us a deep understanding of LED, engineering, architecture and great design. We understand all the processes from design to delivery.

We have built our lighting technology on the back of strong knowledge sharing a passion to create beautifully engineered and aesthetically crafted luminaires. Technically brilliant, our products are acclaimed as miniature, modular and powerful, with a personality to suit all zenvironments and applications.

And with great products comes great service. Our company owners have been committed to delivering excellence in customer service. This vision has given ALC a true insight into all aspects of the challenges, deadlines and processes associated with the planning, developing and constructing procedures facing specifiers and clients to ensure that you receive the best possible products and service from us.

As a private local company we have the freedom to focus on what matters most to our customers. We draw inspiration from listening to our clients’ changing needs, and evolving our product design to reflect them.

Our structure means that we deliver a robust service, guarantee deadlines whilst having the ability to remain flexible. We develop long-lasting partnerships with our customers; you are not just a number on an order sheet.


Advanced Lighting Company

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Almadar Industrial,Ibn Sena, Al Khobar Kingdom of Saudi Arabia