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About Company

Al-Enma Al-Arabia Company (Bin Dairim) for General Contracting is a Saudi company established in 2009/1430 AH, the company started with road projects in Jizan region and then expanded and established general contracting branches, ready mix concrete, cement blocks, crushers and asphalt. The company is headquartered in KhamisMushait.

The company has a modern fleet of equipment for every branch of the company, and the company is equipped with all the high-quality equipment and devices to ensure the quality of the company›s products, the company has an integrated team of engineers and specialists with high experience in all areas of the company›s work,

The company›s engineers enjoy a one-team spirit in applying the standards and specifications for projects that the company›s branches undertake to implement, depending on a step-by-step work plan until the projects assigned to them are completed.

Among the most prominent activities of the company

Achieving successful financial performance that contributes to the growth of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Applying industry best practices that will achieve the best quality and high quality results. Benefiting from technical development in the company›s work fields, and commitment to credibility and integrity in all our dealings, which makes us gain the confidence of our customers.

Significantly preserving the community environment and safety.

Providing a good and suitable work environment to motivate all employees of the company. The company is proud of its approval in many major projects, and it has been honored more than once, and the company is proud of being an incubator for employing the youth of the country and preparing it technically and administratively.

Mission and Vision:

Striving to make Al-Enma Al-Arabia Company the first among the companies operating in the private sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in addition to the Gulf countries, which makes the company a standard for the contracting, ready mix and road sectors.

Quality assurance and control System :

The company is committed to providing quality and high quality in performance, as the company has a fleet of modern and advanced equipment in addition to an administrative and engineering cadre trained at the highest levels of training and a high experience in project management in all sectors of the company and its branch spread in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Al-Enma Al-Arabia Co.
Al-Enma Al-Arabia Co.

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