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Hammoud Hamad Al Hammad Holding Group began its inception in 1971 AD as an individual institution operating in the contracting sector and classified with strategic companies such as Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Electricity Company, and other strategic companies. Since then, the company began the stage of development of its business, services, and customers until it turned into a group that includes several companies, The company diversifies its activities and is present in most cities in the Kingdom, as well as including regional partnerships. Other sectors have branched out from it in addition to the contracting sector, such as the commercial and real estate sectors, heavy equipment, and the refrigeration and air conditioning sector. This development included the section on community service, where the community service sector was established within these sectors, and because the ambition of those in charge of the group is to reach the highest levels and international standards, work on development is still continuing and will continue, God willing, so that the Hamoud Hamad Al Hammad Holding Group will be among the leading companies in the world of business.

To be a leader in the field of commercial, economic and social specializations based on trust and credibility at the local, regional and global levels

Continuing with plans for success and excellence that rely on the highest standards in keeping pace with development and development with our customers, employees, and partners

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