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About Company

Since 1964, Abdullah Ibrahim Al Sayegh & Sons Company, (classified as a “First Class” contractor) has been serving millions of end-users in the Saudi water industry with cornerstone projects as well as optimizing the latest technology and methods of constructions including Non-Disruptive Road Crossing (NDRC) methods and Micro Tunneling to bring sustainable development in the water sector.

The company holds over 50 years of experience in delivering economical, value-driven, safe and time bound solutions for construction, operations , maintenance and management of water, wastewater, storm water networks, transmission lines and treatment plants.

Al Sayegh Company provides following range of infrastructure and construction services in the field of water, wastewater and storm water.

_Networks and Transmission lines
_Treatment plants
_Operation & Maintenance
An extensive portfolio of clients and elite customers can testify to the hard work and dedication that goes into every single project and the contract.

Maintaining successful management and operational practices in Saudi Arabia
Focusing on water operations and management has brought effective solutions for challenges in water sustainability, maintenance and integrated management have always been a core field of interest for Al Sayegh Company.

Water services are constantly improving and being upgraded with new strides in operational excellence and smart networks. Al Sayegh cares about every major and minor procedure, and equipment used in the projects and thus, has a dedicated service sector related to the operations and Maintenance.

Building a future for the water industry in the Kingdom
Water scarcity and limitation of resources are some of the biggest concerns globally and also in the Kingdom.

With a staff of more than 2300+ professionals, a portfolio of about 5 Billion Saudi Riyals, and 50+ years of experience, Al Sayegh prioritizes quality and environmental responsibility. Al Sayegh offers services that not only contribute directly to the Vision 2030’s effective development and economic plan but also work towards a more sustainable future in the water industry.


Our Website: www.sayeghwater.com



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8221, Al Qadesiyah street, Al Yasmin Riyadh 13322,3075, P.O Box 71710, Saudi Arabia