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About Company

Al-Talib Group was established in 1985 AD as a trading company, one of the leading companies working in agricultural chemicals, seeds, agricultural machinery, fertilizers, and others in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company has a team of experienced and highly qualified employees working according to a professional system with the aim of providing excellent services to everyone at the local and international levels, and until this time the company has succeeded in maintaining long-term business relations with many famous companies around the world such as Spain, Belgium, America, England, China, India and various countries of the Middle East.

The company started with one branch for agricultural products, and now it has reached 14 branches distributed in the regions of the Kingdom to provide the company’s products and services to all our customers at the level of the Kingdom.

Wissam Star Factory was established in 2000, to provide innovative fertilizer products and fertilizers that meet the aspirations and needs of our customers to raise the productivity of their crops in quantity and quality to provide markets and consumers with healthy food and achieve food security and supply chains in accordance with the concept of sustainable development and environmental preservation.

In the year 2014, the Mohammed Abdullah Al Talib Contracting Company was established to implement green spaces, irrigation systems and water desalination, in addition to gardens, nurseries, playgrounds, gyms and their accessories for the latest technologies and necessary software through cooperation and seeking help from international expertise in various fields to implement what we aspire to achieve the company’s goals in line with the Kingdom’s vision for the year 2030 AD And our directions as one of the leading private sector companies that support the preservation of the environment and natural resources.

In the year 2008 AD, the farm of Muhammad Abdullah Al Talib was established, and since its establishment, it has succeeded in obtaining a leading position in the production of high-quality agricultural products: thanks to its extensive experience in agriculture, supply and provision of healthy foods, which enhances their role as a comprehensive and reliable store under the name of the fruit land.
Our visions:
Our company is your vision of green, healthy and building solutions …. Complete satisfaction to achieve success and create new standards in investment through high levels of experience and creativity.
rate us:
It is the basis for our business group and our culture, increasing market share and exceeding customer expectations…. it governs our behavior and leads us towards adhering to the highest standards…. we work with motivation… participation… creativity… achievement… and continuous development.

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Al-Talib Group
Al-Talib Group

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