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Owners of fast growing restaurants are often frustrated facing great operational challenges maintaining quality and stability while keeping up with new trends in the food service industry. Our BRC accredited state of the art factory in Sudair, Saudi Arabia, along with our highly experinced team can consistently provide you with protein products that fit your precise operational needs, so you can grow your business and build brand loyalty.


You need food producer that understand the special needs of the QSR industry. This is why we put quality first. We are proud to have a robust quality management system that monitors and controls all steps of the production process to ensure only the best products are delivered to our customers. All our dedicated staff and all equipment and production facilities comply with the sanitary and hygienic requirements of good manufacturing practices (GMP). Aldella production facility is certified in HACCP, ISO 220000 (FSMS) and BRC as we fulfilled the eight BRC Global Standards.


Aldella believes in it’s ability to combine both technology and quality. This is why all of our equipment is selected with the highest industry standards, as we have the latest technology in defrosting, Water-Jet cutting, marination, breading and coating systems equipment, inline ovens, quick freezing, crust freezing, sous vide, and automated weighing and packing equipment.


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Aldella Food Production Co

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Building No 9091 Asharat Sudair 15339 - 2403 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia