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About Company


Through long experience and a belief that stems from within us in providing high-quality food products
that serve project owners and restaurants, the first steps to success were in the year 2020 AD, when we
began constructing a Anasir Algethaa factory with an area of 2,500 square meters and a capital of 15
million Saudi riyals in the latest industrial cities (the Second Industrial City – Mudon )
Anasir Algethaa Factory reflects a future vision for the meat and poultry sector, as we constantly strive to
develop new and innovative concepts in the food industry. We invest in our research and development of
new products of high quality to meet customers’ needs.


We put innovation at the heart of our goals, as we rely on the latest technologies in production
processes to achieve maximum quality and effectiveness. We take environmental challenges into
account and strive to provide environmentally friendly products.


In our vision for the future, we always strive for
excellence by adopting advanced technologies to
ensure product quality and safety. As well as
effectively improving production processes


Anasir Algethaa Company is not limited to being
just a factory, but is considered part of the
community, and we adopt social initiatives to
contribute to the well-being of the local
community, as well as creating local job
opportunities and encouraging positive
interaction with the community. We believe in
transparency and integrity in our relationship
with customers, as we always strive to achieve
open and trust-based communication.


Anasir Algethaa Company is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of high-quality meat and
poultry products. We are committed to providing fresh and healthy products to our customers. Our
factory is a modern facility equipped with the latest technology to ensure stringent quality standards.
We are proud of our specialized team of administrators and workers who always strive to achieve
excellence in the meat and poultry industry.

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Anasir Algethaa Factory

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