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About Company

ARABIAN GULF MANUFACTURERS COMPANY LTD.’s story is an impressive tale illustrating how constant change is essential for any industrial company that wants to remain successful in the long run. The company has been through a period of extensive changes, all driven by a dedication to renewal. That dedication is also apparent in the process of constant improvements and innovations throughout all core activities.

ARABIAN GULF MANUFACTURERS COMPANY LTD. founded in 1965, as one of the first manufacturers of plastic products in Saudi Arabia. Since then, our products have become part of our customers’ daily lives. More than 55 years of rich experience as well as the research & development that made us a pioneer in the field of plastic processing in the entire MENA region. Our high-quality product gained us the confidence of our customers internationally.

Gulfmaid Products (Thermoformed disposable Items, Injection molded housewares, blow-molded household, Industrial Jerry-cans, Polycarbonate water bottles, printed & unprinted shopping, packing bags & Paper cup).

Industrial Sheets (Polycarbonate sheets, Acrylic sheets, GPPS & HIPS) industrial’s sheets used in the lighting, constructions and refrigeration industrials , etc.

ARABIAN GULF MANUFACTURERS COMPANY LTD. headquarter, and the main factory is in Jeddah and with 6 sales branches and 6 showrooms which is strategically located in several parts of Saudi Arabia. The company has the trusted and preferred brands that customers can trust and serves them in all aspects of life, and with high-precision manufacturing technologies.

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Arabian Gulf Manufacturers LTD.
Arabian Gulf Manufacturers LTD.

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P.O. Box 2143 Jeddah, KSA