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About Company

About us

Averda worldwide

Averda is the leading waste management and recycling company in the emerging world, operating in India, the Middle East and Africa. We provide a wide range of waste and recycling services to over 60,000 clients – large and small – across the private and public sectors. These include the municipal authorities of major cities and household names in a wide range of sectors including oil & gas, automotive, retail and hospitality.

Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Dubai, Averda increasingly focuses on providing sustainable solutions which extract value from waste, reducing the use of the planet’s limited natural resources and driving the circular economy. Our portfolio of services spans from collecting bins and cleaning city streets to sorting, composting, recycling and disposing of household waste as well as safely managing highly regulated hazardous waste streams including medical waste and dangerous chemicals. We have recently increased our investments in sustainable waste treatment capabilities, with the goal of providing circular recovery options in all locations where we operate.

Averda currently employs over 15,000 people worldwide, helping to provide secure employment among the communities we serve. Protection of environmental and human health is our highest priority, and we operate in full compliance with international standards for quality control wherever it operates, currently: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Morocco, South Africa, Congo and India. In all the locations where we work Averda seeks to support local people through education, CSR programmes and local employment.


Our Mission

To treat, recover and recycle more than 80% of the waste that flows through our fleet and facilities using innovative sustainable solutions that satisfy our customers’ needs.

For over 30 years, we’ve taken pride in keeping cities, communities and the environment clean and sanitary. But today we go far beyond just cleaning. We provide a full end-to-end service for our clients across developing and emerging economies who, like us, care about what happens to their waste. Together, we find solutions which recover or unlock the value in materials others call ‘waste’. We use the latest technology and our best creative minds to solve environmental problems and ensure we leave a cleaner and more sustainable world for our children.

Our Values

Deliver. Care. Inspire

Our values remain the same as the day we were founded – deliver, care and inspire. We deliver for our clients. We care for our planet and our people. We inspire others through our actions.

Our Vision

Our world without waste.

We share a vision of a world where materials are not merely discarded but are reused, recycled and recovered. A world without waste.



Our Services


A cleaner workplace certainly makes for happier and more productive employees. But today’s workforce and customers also want your business to be greener. At Averda, we’re not only good at cleaning, we’re also experts at helping improve your corporate sustainability. We will work with you and your employees to reduce the overall waste your business generates, increase your on-site recycling, and lower your company’s environmental footprint.


Hospitals, laboratories and private clinics rely on Averda to safely manage the collection and disposal of many sensitive or hazardous materials and chemicals: from biological matter to expired medicines, sharp objects and toxic substances.
Whatever it is that our colleagues are handling, it is done so in accordance with every requisite local and international law; our staff are highly trained regarding safety protocols – and we own and operate our own special medical waste trucks that are always monitored and tracked.


We serve our industrial clients with both waste management and specialist cleaning solutions

Averda’s roots are in engineering, and we love a challenge. Our expertise and experience, allied with cutting-edge technology and innovation enables us to provide safe, effective cleaning solutions for even the most complex or hardest to reach equipment. From massive crude oil tanks to 2-inch pipe, even nuclear storage tanks, our world class team have seen and cleaned it all.
We focus relentlessly on safety, and have many years of experience providing tailored, technical cleaning services for heavy industry and the international petrochemical sector. Our expert teams will work with you to deliver the industrial cleaning services you require, whilst at all times prioritising the integrity and wellbeing of people, environment, assets and your reputation.

And it doesn’t stop there. We are able to provide a seamless end-to-end waste solution for our clients, not only cleaning but removing solid, liquid and sludge waste streams from your site for safe disposal. We are even able to transform some of them into a fuel suitable for the cement industry.

We operate in full compliance with all legislation and quality assurance standards and provide certification of safe disposal of waste materials.


We all want to breathe clean air and we all want to see our children grow up in a clean community. Cleaner towns and cities are also good for business, good for investment, good for jobs and good for the soles of our shoes. Nobody likes stepping in garbage on the way to work and nobody likes public parks that aren’t safe for children to run around in. Clean, sanitary towns and cities are also more appealing for tourists and visitors.
That is why we strive day and night, every day of the week to keep municipal parks, gutters, bus stops, monuments, beaches and street furniture sparkling. Clean streets mean happy residents and thriving businesses – and that’s our aim.





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