Pure Beverages Industry Company is established and supported by Ajlan & Bros Group, a leading company since 1979, to redefine the drinking bottled water sector in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

The company is committed to overcome all market challenges and to improve the quality of life in the Kingdom by providing a variety of bottled drinking water brands that cater to the aspirations of a wide range of consumers in a dynamic society.


Pure Beverages Industry Company leverages the latest and most innovative technologies to operate its state-of-the-art factories with British, French, German, Italian, Luxembourgish, and Swedish equipment and machinery. It also aims to reach the highest international industrial standards in quality, safety, and sustainability.

The company has launched its bottled drinking water products with the most significant direct distribution force in the category to reach the highest rate of product availability to cover all regions, cities, and villages of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company’s vision is built on tailoring brand experiences that address bottled water consumption as an integral part of consumers’ lifestyles.

The company aims to engage with consumers and the community using intelligent strategies and unconventional approaches to drive authentic and meaningful everyday experiences and to build an emotional link with the consumers beyond just the basic need for water.

Pure Beverages Industry Company is the sole producer and distributor of its bottled drinking water brands in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.