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About Company

Details Engineering Consultant (DECON) Is A Multi-Disciplined Engineering Design Consultancy Providing Clients With A State-Of-The-Art, Reliable, Friendly Service And Imaginative Solutions. Our mission is to provide creative, exciting and useful architectural design.


  • Follows all policies and procedure of Municipality and concern departments.
  • Provides the required designs the best possible way in terms of technical and operational.
  • Reviews all plans before the customer’s approval.
  • Addressing any error is in the plans, approved earlier.
  • Assets of the technical and professional engineering work.
  • Provides all the technical and professional services to the customers.
  • Achieving the requirements of the customer design to the best possible schemes and never copy from other firms.
  • Office does not allow the implementation of any final plans only after studying the blueprints thorough study and give the amendments as it deems in the interest of the project.
  •  Committed to the deadlines given for the completion of plans and periodic reviews.



Contact Details

+966 13 8960817
2385, Cross 23/24, King Khaled Street, Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,