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About Company

Ghafari is a global architecture, engineering, and consulting firm that designs spaces where people and businesses thrive. We work together – planners and designers, architects and engineers, sustainability experts and technology champions – to spark new possibilities for our clients and for each other.

We blend insight with innovation to elevate efficiency, sustainability, and impact.


Every project starts with the client.
We believe in client partnerships built on mutual trust, and we have the 40-year track record to prove it.

Our Website: www.ghafari.com


Ghafari Associates
Ghafari Associates L.L.C

Contact Details

00966-112346600 Fax: 00966- 112360440
PO Box 90038 - 1163 Riyadh, 7635 King Abdulaziz Road, Al Yasmeen District Riyadh 13326–2280, Saudi Arabia