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Global Diameter Contracting Co have built up a reputation as leading experts in the Hydro jetting, diamond wall / floor sawing and core drilling industry. Our highly skilled staff can offer a variety of cutting and drilling techniques to the construction and controlled demolition industries.

With over 10 years experience in the diamond cutting fields, Global Diameter co. has grown alongside the fast and constantly developing technology of this industry.

Today, we are equipped with the most modern equipments for Hydro jetting, Hydraulic                       saw cutting of wall/floor, Wire sawing of wall/floor  and diamond core drilling.

The benefits of these state -of-the-art techniques are outlined below:

  • Hydro Jetting service:

hydro jetting / water jetting is used where  cold cutting, cleaning is required. This system doesn’t generate any spark which can be used in oil and gas sector safely.

Hydro Jetting system used is  Calder- Multijet High pressure pump 1400 bar (20,300 psi)

With Conjet Nalta 101 Jet frame- world’s smallest hydro demolition robot.

Hydro demolition  is widely used to remove or repair all types of concrete structures and has many benefits:

  • Does not cause micro cracks.
  • Does not damage reinforced steel in the structure and steel is cleaned by the action of the UHP water.
  • A good surface is created for bonding with new concrete.
  • Water Jetting removes chlorides and other non visible contamination.
  • Selective removal of worn or damaged areas of concrete.
  • Hydro demolition has replaced the jackhammer or pneumatic breaker in concrete removal.

Hydro demolition applications:

  • Bridges and road structures
  • Runways
  • Car parks
  • All types of building
  • Walls and dams
  • Docks and harbours

Cold cutting – The safest and most effective cutting technique.

cold cutting to a wide range of applications in the chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas, offshore, construction, power, steel and heavy industries.

In situations where a risk of any hot cutting, we have the capability to use high pressure water as a safe cutting method. ultra-high pressure water jet cutting systems produce no additional risk of fire, generate no toxic fumes, are not labor intensive and they get the job done faster than conventional methods.

Cold cutting is often used for the demolition of plant facilities, cut the storage tank shell above the wall ring or cut off a storage tank roof, providing access to tanks and columns, concrete cutting and scabbling, and surface preparation through coatings removal.

This ecologically sound solution is very precise, and our technicians can create systems to handle any cold cutting task.

Fast, clean, precision cuts mean that all our work is Safe, Efficient, Economical, Automated, and Eco-friendly

Cold Cutting Applications:

  • Fuel storage tank floors and roofs
  • Hydrocarbon contaminated pipework
  • Access doorways into tanks for cleaning or maintenance
  • Decommissioning redundant plant
  • Rubber lined vessels
    • Tank cutting
    • Concrete cutting
    • Hydro demolition

Industrial cleaning Applications:

  • Cleaning of Boilers, heat exchangers tube.
  • Cooling tower, chiller plant tube.
  • Tanks, Reactor, vessels, sewage pipes.


  • Wall saw cutting system for rectangular openings on Reinforced concrete wall / slab with Hydraulic wall saw.
  • Diamond core drilling when precise circular cuts are required on Reinforced concrete, masonry walls, and precast panels.
  • Wire sawing used to cut large structure.
    • Installation of chemical anchors For anchoring threaded rod, bolts and

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