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Hayat ice company, In our factory, We use the latest quality of every ice crystal that comes out of our factory , to confirm a commit-ment to the purest ice crystal through an auto-mated system for manufacturing and packaging the product , as well as using the purest types of tested water for your safety , where our facility has a mineral water plant that supports the production of high-purity ice , which is why we are accredited by Aramco for our high standards.

Diverse Products:
High-quality ice Products come in several chaices for customers to suit commercial and industrial needs, we have 4 kilo ice bags and they are available in supermarkets across the kingdom for home and commercial refrigeration uses, we also have 25 and 32kg ice bags for indus-trial use , such as cooling concrete and chemi-cal use, Since the water in our ice is of high purity, it is the ideal choice for many com-panies, as it is more economical and reliable

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Our Website: www.alhayatice.com


Hayat Ice Company
Hayat Ice Company

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P.O. Box: 1470 saihat, Dammam