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About Company

About Us

Mama sauces company is a leader in the production of all kinds of sauces, our factory has been
founded since 2016, so that area of our enterprise is 13,314 square the factory is also located in
the Second Industrial City of Riyadh, and on its basis we produce tons of sauces of various types every
year, and this makes us a leading supplier of branded sauces and the main manufacturer and supplier of
some of the most famous and respected catering companies and restaurants on the global gastronomic
scene. In line with the goals of the Kingdom Vision 2030 and the promotion of the slogan “Made in Saudi
Arabia”, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to the industry through long-term planning of
future growth opportunities, we have reinvested in our physical plant and our human resources,
attracting the best competencies, equipment, warehouses and modern technological technologies to
increase efficiency and productivity, thanks to this, technology is manifested in our advanced equipment
and equipment, so that our customers benefit from the most economical production, which gives them
confidence that they will be able to meet consumer demand now and in the future.

Food quality and safety

We understand that stable high quality of
products is important for our customers, so we
strive to maintain standard quality standards in
the food industry by purposefully providing our
quality control laboratory at the center of our
factory’s production facilities, in order to test
every ingredient we use and every product we
produce to ensure the delivery of products that
our customers are proud to call by their names,
our comprehensive and rigorous quality
initiatives also include the application of the
latest FDA updates and HAACP good
manufacturing practices, this indicates the
desire of the whole company not to compromise
with quality at all.

Our Products

Mama sauces company offers products that
allow you to present new and bold tastes with
the help of the best sauces, delicious spices,
branded ketchup and many other spices,
therefore, if you are looking for a supplier who
can offer super expectation Quality, close to you,
and allowed, you don’t need to look any furthe

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Mama sauces company

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