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About Company

Ever since its establishment in 1978, Moda car has broken barriers by starting off with merely a humble vision, inevitably flourishing into becoming one of the largest automotive development companies in the Kingdom through passion, precision and persistence. Constructed by Moda Cars two essential building blocks, being Authentic and Modern, a firm foundation was established and then embellished with customer care and superior quality, all of which lead to Moda Car being the go-to place for all who seek ritziness, luxury and individuality. With its enchanting touches, excellent detailing, and constant aim for customer satisfaction, Moda Car has transformed the ordinary into exquisite masterpieces, exuding luxury and sophistication. And with that, Moda Car earned its place with its originality, exceeding its competitors with professionalism and meticulousness, while delivering unmatched quality service. We do not look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward.

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966 (2) 2150310
Al Rayaan District, Jeddah 23741 KSA