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About Company

The MSC Foundation is motivated by our deep sense of responsibility for the planet and its resources, particularly the oceans, and driven by our shared duty to leave a better world for the future generations.

Through it, we are able to assist disaster-struck populations toward recovery and support vulnerable communities around the world to realise their full potential through education, sustainable development and medical humanitarian programs.
The Foundation works both independently and in conjunction with trusted partners that have a strong innovative vision or track record for effective action. You

Our Solutions:
-Shipping Solutions
-Inland Solutions
-Air Cargo Solution
-Digital Solution
-Peace of Mind Solutions
Our Website: www.msc.com


New Project
MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co.

Contact Details

00966-138351888 Fax: 00966-138351444
P.O Box: 8231 Dammam 32411 Saudi Arabia