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About Company

Mutahakm, the leader in advanced security & surveillance solutions, takes it roots from King Fahad Road, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. The company has a unique vision and commitment to make Security and Surveillance Solutions with an ease of use with Simplicity and Affordability. It aims to understand the challenges faced by security professionals and customers alike, to provide efficient solutions by amalgamating the path-breaking technologies & innovation on consistent basis. Mutahakm with its largest product portfolio & range, actually enables the surveillance solutions architects world-wide, to create a robust system designs & solutions across varied business verticals, without any black-hole or compromise on security. It takes inspiration from its compelling resolve to secure the world by bringing high-resolution video coverage that can prove effective in deterrence and enforcement.


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Contact Details

KSA Tabuk - King Fahad Road Opp. King Abdulaziz Mosque P.O Box : 3595 | Tabuk : 71481