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About Company

National Adhesive Tape Factory (NAT), is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading producers of adhesive and non-adhesive tapes and paper cores. Since the introduction of our products in 1998, we played a major role in the industry by leading the way in product innovation and development.

Our Mission:
Create an extensive network in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Strengthen product development and introduction activities by using newer more environmentally-friendly materials

Harness our skills and resources to achieve new heights in product development, contract manufacturing and private or custom labeling.


Since its inception, the Company has gone through substantive transformation and it now represents among other leading manufacturers of adhesive tapes in the Kingdom. The experience of our growth has been challenging, exacting a heavy price on our initial limited resources and infrastructure. Our existence today largely reflects the strengths of our will, determination and capacity of hard work.
The company is capable of producing specially products as paper tapes, BOPP tapes, Duct Tapes, PVC Tapes & Double Sided Adhesive Tapes. NAT now have both the technology and scale of capacity to meet the most rigorous of customer demands in the products first of adhesive tapes.

Our Products:

-Mask crepe paper/rubber Colour Natural

Premium masking – Automotive grades
A premium grade masking tape that conforms irregular surfaces, withstands moderate heat and is UV resistant – a medium temperature product.


Multi-purpose masking
Standards grade – A standard grade masking tape used when demands are greater than 113N


Economy masking- general purpose
An economy grade masking tape used for sealing bundling masking application.

Our Website: www.babader.com



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National Adhesive Tape Factory

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia