The Pure Beverage Industry Company, backed by the pioneering Ajlan & Brothers Group, has been established since 1979 with the aim of redefining the bottled drinking water sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

The company is committed to facing all challenges in the Saudi market and is also committed to improving the quality of life in the Kingdom by providing a range of drinking water bottles that meet the aspirations of a wide range of consumers in a vibrant community.


The company takes advantage of the latest innovative technologies to operate its modern plants equipped with equipment from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Sweden and aims to achieve the highest global industrial standards in safety, quality, environment and sustainable practices.


The company launched bottled drinking water products with a very large distribution force with the aim of spreading widely to cover all regions, cities and villages of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company aims to transform its products into an important part of customers’ lives through innovative and smart strategies and unconventional approaches to consumers and society through authentic and meaningful daily experiences that will create a connection with consumers that goes beyond just the basic need for water.

Pure Beverage Industry is the sole manufacturer and distributor of its brands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.