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About Company

QYASAT ALTAQA COMPANY is a local manufacturing (Assembly) facility established in 2014 with the Technical license of HISCO inc.to support and contribute to the Kingdom’s VISION 2030.

With 50 years of knowhow license from HISCO Inc Korea, Qyasat as an instrument manufacturer, have been contributing to the development of the national economy and the enhancement of the vision 2030 through continuous technological import, new production, and quality innovation based on its stable finance in the Industry.
Qyasat has marked their brand among Customers with their Competitive Pricing meeting the High Technical and High Quality materials combined with the Service support. The Company aims to be No.01 Local Manufacturer within 5 years with export to GCC and African Countries. On Jan 2022 the company has joined Tamimi Energy Group as a joint venture to enhance the growth and experience towards high product scale and meeting customer

Our Vision : To be the Saudi distinguished market leader and primary choice for providing integrated and sustainable energy Instrumentation and measurement solutions .

Our Mission :To build and maintain innovative solutions in a safe and compliant manner within and outside Saudi Arabia, driven by talent and expertise to fulfill customer satisfaction ,whilst maximizing our shareholders value and commitment to the community .

Our Website: www.qyasat.com


Qyasat Altaqa Company For Measuring Devices
Qyasat Altaqa Company For Measuring Devices

Contact Details

P.O. Box: 39224 Dammam