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About Company

SCC is a leading infrastructure development contractor in KSA, strongly driven by a unified strategic mission to tailor deliverables to the customer’s individualized needs and build a long-term customer loyalty. SCC attempts at achieving extraordinary iconic and sophisticated construction masterpieces for its valued clients and advancing the economy further while building satisfying the careers for people,

The Saif Contracting Company (SCC) established in early 1988 based in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a pioneer in the field of construction, especially in the construction of high-rise buildings, infrastructure projects, Demolition Projects, Tunnel and Bridge, earthwork, and landscaping.

SCC has an extensive capability for the delivery of general infrastructure works. Our ability to undertake infrastructure works using our skilled, in-house trained resources is a distinct advantage in maintaining a high level of consistency of economy, efficiency, and effectiveness with corresponding benefits in quality and program.

SCC is one of the developed contractors in the field of infrastructure and demolition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because it is based on today a strategy that expresses the confidence of its steps and expansion on the basis of wisdom, study and deliberation, and the acquisition of expertise in all related fields and activities, and it carries a vision and mission for a structure that exceeds the boundaries of the present to reach the future.

Our Services:
-Earth & Enabling Works
-Infrastructure Works
-Landscapes Works
-Roads, bridges and Tunnels
-Special Structures
-Value Engineering

Our Website: www.saif.sa


Saif Contracting Company
Saif Contracting Company

Contact Details

00966-114506425 Fax: 00966-114506425
P.O.Box 92156 Riyadh 11653