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About Company


Saqifat Al Safa (SAS) launched as a group in 1996, conducting business with transparency and credibility in several divisions by providing comprehensive Real Estate services in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, and the Levant through exceptional services that add value to property owners and investors alike, supporting them with accurate data, realistic investment advice, and strategies for successful Real Estate developments.

SAS offers integrated services like real estate development, marketing research and real estate economic feasibility studies, marketing and sales, property management, and structuring investment opportunities. SAS has accumulated an intense experience over time, making it a pioneer in Real Estate services.


SAS focuses on customer service and invests all capabilities to develop the work and management of Real Estate to meet the client’s goals and objectives, whether to achieve an income target or increase capital gains of the property. SAS believes the success of any Real Estate project depends on choosing an experienced partner to provide professional Real Estate services. SAS presents clients with 26 years of experience and success in the Real Estate industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, and the Levant.


Saqifat Al Safa works to fulfill client needs through extensive Real Estate market knowledge, accumulative experience, and a complete understanding of Real Estate requirements and techniques, in addition to accumulating vast data and research to provide quality services and accurate information to our clients.


To provide unparalleled Research & Consultations, Property Development Services, Property Management, and Marketing Advice to the Real Estate industry through the best available contemporary standards and the restless pursuit of perfection.

  • Determined to impact the Real Estate industry by offering superior products and services.
  • Develop real estate, according to clients’ targeted internal rates of return.
  • Contribute to the development of architectural and structured products and service standards.
  • Develop real estate services.
  • Ensure after-sales services.
Competitive Advantage

SAS offers clients advantages that put them ahead and allow them to compete more effectively in the market. The Management By Objectives (MBO) proprietary business model bonds all phases of the property cycle, from concept to development to marketing to the sales or leasing process and property management.

  • The client database was established over the last two decades, containing more than 50,000 clients.
  • Comprehensive Real Estate market monitoring and intelligence networks and sources of reliable information.
  • Renewable and continuously updated work and operation models.
  • Pursuing a modular working method ensures the provision and adaptability of flexible and scalable solutions.


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Saqifat Al Safa (SAS)

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P O Box 53453 Jeddah, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia King’s Road Tower, 6th Floor