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company working today to Protect the Future Protecting health and the environment Specialising in Non WHMIS,Non Regulated(USA) commercial, industrial and institutional solvents and cleaners for the global market.
If you use our products, you will not have hidden costs and liabilities,which are incurred by traditional solvents and cleaners.

the year 2016, Factory for Environmental Solvents .will be recognised as the world-leading manufacturer of environmentally responsible solvents, cleaners and degreasers. Our commitment to protecting the environment, chemical engineering excellence, design leadership, technical innovation, and educational information training systems are the founding principle of Saudi Factory for Environmental Solvents Comprised of a high performance team of well-trained professionals committed to excellence and continuous improvement, Saudi Factory for Environmental Solvents will be recognised by their customers as leaders and pioneers in the markets that we choose to serve. Our products and our services. Our products and services will serve as the industry “gold standards” against which others will be bench marked.

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Saudi Environmental Detergent Factory

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+ 966-138250006
Dammam – KSA - Al Waha downtown second floor office# 18 P.O Box 8764 – Postal Code 31492 – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia