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About Company

SLEEP HIGH one of the oldest, most respected and most used Brand of Sleeping Systems in the Kingdom

Established over half a century ago and after obtaining the First Industrial License in KSA for manufacturing Spring Mattresses It moved from one milestone to the next to provide to the local and Middle East market with standard and international quality products

The Global Marketing Company for Sleeping System Ltd ..(Sleep High) occupies the top of the lists of Industrial Companies in the Kingdom, and maintains an outstanding place in the Saudi local and the Middle East Markets, enjoing over 50 share of mattress market.

Our Vision:
To be the Pioneer in the field of manufacturing and distributing sleeping systems, with World class Standards and Performance

Our Mission:
The Global Marketing Company for Sleeping System Ltd
(Sleep High) designs, develops, manufactures and markets
high quality sleeping systems, with the aim of achieving the
principle of “Value Over Price” taking in accounts the
following success criteria and distinctive factors

Superiority and Quality of Products

International Standards of Service

Expansion of sleeping systems accessories

Distinctive Strong Trademark

Satisfaction of all levels of Customers’ tastes

Company Profile

Our Website: www.sleephigh.com




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