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About Company

About us

In 1968 AD

The first branches of the current Al-Jadeed Group were established in the heart of the city of Riyadh, specifically in Al-A’sha Street, which was considered at the time the most famous commercial street in the center of Riyadh. At that time, it worked in the field of extending gas lines, gas cooling and heating devices, and a main center in the region for filling gas cylinders, and it played a major role in Extending gas lines and kitchen equipment to a number of palaces, hotels and central kitchens at the time.

Based on development

The acceptance she received for her credibility with her clients, the quality of her work outputs, and the mastery in performance helped her meet the needs of the labor market at the time. She opened her first branch in the field of construction contracting and real estate development in 1974, and she was distinguished at that time, which is considered the time of the residential architectural boom in the Kingdom. Implementing thousands of high-quality housing projects.

In 1979 AD

  The electrical appliances branch was opened as a leading company in the field of electrical appliances, to which the communications and information technology activity was added in 2005.
Today, the group is a leading company in more than one field, staffed by people with global expertise, aiming to permanently develop its products and services in line with its goals and aspirations.


To be the first choice for customers to provide innovative engineering systems, security systems, and smart technology with high-quality products within a clean environment.


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3016 Northern Ring Road, Al Wadi, Riyadh 13313 6178, Riyadh 13313, Saudi Arabia