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About Company

Our story started as a manpower company that walked a successful 10-year path in the Saudi market, helping successful partners and individuals. Day after another, our business expanded until we became the first choice of the biggest companies in the Kingdom once they sought professionals, manpower, and qualified workers.

SMASCO is a family where a value as they truly care about each other. SMASCO has passionate people who make this company great. What we are proud of in our staff is the qualities of the people we have in this company. And as long as we are keen on that, we look forward to being a great company for many years to come.

When you look across the SMASCO group of companies as a whole, you will find out they cover so many regions around KSA. We are in every industry and every market. If they need a permanent manpower solution, we help them find out what they need. If they need their project outsourced to be on the ground in a different region, we are up to it. If they need us to take over an entire mission like a market search, we get that covered. If any one of our customers has a need, we can deliver and get the same service. You are going to get the same culture, the same value system, and the same delivery and service you need with the high expectations you have.

Our Value:
True World class manpower Service
As we have realized the huge matter of providing perfossinal services, and how complicated it is for Saudi organizations to find professionals fully covered legally; the SMASCO team has taken the pledge to carry this on our shoulders with the best we have.

Our Vision:
To be the first direction for organizations in the Saudi Kingdom as a manpower company, by adding a truly valuable selection of qualified people … to be the first, whole and heartedly.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to save you miles to walk and take the headache of searching for qualified manpower, secure your business with legally covered professionals, and get you out of confusion with our consulting and support to promote your business performance and growth.

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Our Website: www.smasco.com



Contact Details

0555405165 / 011-2247001 Fax: 011-4532025
King Abdullah Rd, Salahuddin, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.