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About Company

With THIQAH comes the power of technology, enabling change to create a long-lasting value and mutual success In THIQAH we embrace the power of technology to enable change and deliver the promise of transformation through enabling partners from the governmental and private sectors to achieve positive impact. Along the way THIQAH’s impact extends to various markets and industries by serving through our main streams: innovative digital solutions and business services by our vibrant talents.

We believe that the customer is the one most capable of understanding the nature of his work, so we are keen in Thiqa to cooperate together and participate in the process of transformation of organizations and innovate solutions with our customers. Through our close cooperation with our partners, we develop and implement smart and advanced solutions for businesses in various fields in a way that achieves a real impact and sustainable value.

Over the past decade, we have provided a number of smart solutions with a positive impact to our partners in the public and private sectors in various fields, starting with the financial sectors in addition to judicial and real estate solutions and logistical services.

Since the establishment of Thiqa in 2012, we have succeeded in achieving great growth, by providing our partners with smart solutions designed to help them meet the challenges in their business, and business services based on our core values ​​of trust, high professionalism, and innovation.

Our team at Thiqa is well qualified to solve problems, while our business development specialists have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to employ technology into practical solutions that suit the nature of your business and meet your needs.

We firmly believe that technology is capable of making a positive impact and bringing value and growth to businesses and society alike. Which contributed to making us the trusted partner of all our partners to provide smart solutions with high skill and efficiency that make an impact in various sectors.

Our vision
To be the main catalyst for enabling technologies and technical products to bring about transformation in various sectors and fields

Our message
Developing technical solutions capable of bringing about change and increasing value for our partners through advanced capabilities and innovative services

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Riyadh11371,Ksa,P.o Box 325773