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Cleanliness is a civilized behavior, and an evidence of sophistication, where the normal human instinct, by its nature, tends to be clean, Therefore, the accumulated dust, particles, dirt, and stains are unpleasant things to the eye, which would make you feel uncomfortable or cause a feeling of embarrassment in front of the guests. From this point, “UniClean” company for cleaning solutions was emerged, which lifts the burden of searching for ways to get rid of stains and resentment towards these stains.    Hence, we, as a leading company, provide you with cleaning solutions for carpets, furnishings, curtains, floors, and walls, through cleaning antiques and crystals, and ending with removing all unpleasant odors, such as smell of moisture, fire smoke by using ozone machines, hydroxyl generators, and chemicals as well as using all ingredients that would guarantee you the highest quality of service, by providing technical workers that are characterized by the highest possible efficiency, awareness of the latest cleaning methods, and how to deal with the latest devices used.


UniClean firmly believes in the importance of cleaning and its relationship to the public health of individuals and corporate entities by introducing and launching unique and innovative cleaning systems and solutions so as to compete with the list of companies which are specialized in providing cleaning services locally and internationally, based on the latest trends and operational technologies in order to provide a clean, healthy and attractive environment, whether they are residential, commercial, industrial or service

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