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NEOM unveils 275m futuristic Epicon Towers

One of Saudi Arabia’s most ambitious giga-projects, NEOM has announced the launch of a luxury coastal tourism destination called Epicon.

A statement on its launch described Epicon as a “luxury coastal tourism destination which includes a residential offering.”

Epicon in the desert

The new development, located on the Gulf of Aqaba, will comprise off two stunning towers. Released renders of the architecture showcases glistening monoliths, to be built at a height of 225 meters and the other touching 275 meters.

NEOM said the towers are planned to house ultra-premium 41 key hotel and luxury residences that comprise of 14 suites and apartments.

As part of the development, NEOM will also construct an Epicon resort, located in the neighbourhood. The resorts will comprise of 120 rooms and 45 stunning residential beach villas.

As a wide-ranging tourism destination, Epicon will also offer a beach club, spas, an array of recreational activities and water sports, culinary options for every palate, and the natural beauty of the shorelines in NEOM. Guests and residents of Epicon will also have access to a state-of-the-art gym, library, workspaces, swimming pools and lounges.

“Epicon’s guests and residents can expect a truly immersive and life-affirming experience,” added NEOM.

The planned development of Epicon follows the recent unveiling of Leyja , NEOM’s sustainable tourism destination, which will be home to three boutique hotels led by luxury hospital group Habitas.