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Over 157 opportunities worth SR22 billion offered in Northern Borders Investment Forum

More than 157 investment opportunities worth about SR22 billion is being offered during the Northern Borders Investment Forum 2023.

The investment opportunities are distributed across a number of targeted sectors, such as transportation, logistics services, mining, education, health, real estate development, municipalities, industry, tourism, hospitality, and scientific research.

These opportunities is being offered during the opening of the Northern Borders Investment Forum 2023, which was inaugurated by Prince Faisal Bin Khalid, governor of the Northern Borders Region.

Prince Faisal is also the chairman of the Supreme Committee of the Northern Border Investment Forum.

The forum, which lasts for two days from Nov. 25 -26, is being held in the Ministry of Interior Employees Club in Arar, organized by the Northern Borders Municipality and the Federation of Saudi Chambers.

During the forum, a visual presentation was presented on investment in the region and the role of the investment forum in creating a stimulating and safe environment for the growth of private sector investments in the northern borders.

The presentation showcased the opportunities available to investors, empowering them and providing them with financial and non-financial support and solutions, in addition to encouraging them to access investment opportunities.

Furthermore, it has presented the opportunities for investors to achieve the national investment strategic objectives, as well as displaying the economic potential and comparative advantages of the region.

Prince Faisal witnessed the signing of a number of agreements that would contribute in supporting and developing the investment opportunities to attract investors, and provide the integrative requirements to achieve common goals in a way that serves society and the public interest.

It is noteworthy that a number of ministers, officials, experts, consultants, in addition to company presidents, CEOs, and businessmen and women are participating in the Northern Borders Investment Forum 2023.





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