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Roshn unveils Marafy, to redefine urban living in Jeddah

In a significant stride towards enhancing Saudi Arabia’s real estate landscape, Roshn Group and the Public Investment Fund (PIF) have jointly launched Marafy, a modern mixed-use development poised to redefine urban living in the north of Jeddah.

The development is projected to accommodate over 130,000 residents. It boasts a groundbreaking 11-kilometre-long manmade canal at its heart.

Marafy’s groundbreaking canal, 11 kilometers in length and 100 meters wide, is set to connect and extend the Obhur Creek. This navigable canal is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, will be flanked by a mixed-use districts.

The development aims to offer an exceptional living experience and represents Roshn’s inaugural fully mixed-use endeavor.

David Grover, group CEO of Roshn Group, highlighted the project’s significance, stating, “Marafy will be a game-changer in the real estate development sector, elevating the standards of development in the region and generating a substantial impact in Jeddah.”

Marafy – a project of scale

The canal of Marafy, comparable in size to waterfronts in global metropolises such as Chicago, Stockholm, Hamburg, and central London, will infuse Jeddah with a refreshing marine environment.

This historic city, renowned for its centuries-long hospitality to traders, travelers, and pilgrims, will witness the emergence of an urban water corridor linking homes, communities, and essential amenities with nature and commerce.

The development’s architecture aspires to strengthen Jeddah’s role as a regional hub, accommodating world-class residential, retail, lifestyle, leisure, and entertainment spaces destined to captivate residents and visitors alike.

Additionally, Marafy is anticipated to transform Jeddah’s skyline, becoming an iconic symbol of the city’s progress.

Marafy will encompass distinct districts, each characterised by a unique essence. Among these districts is Roshn’s existing integrated residential development, Alarous.

Roshn works towards Vision 2030

The project’s multifaceted approach to urban planning is designed to catalyse Jeddah’s emergence as a global city, paying homage to the city’s historical and cultural heritage through architectural elements inspired by the city’s traditions, reimagined for contemporary living.

Grover noted the pride associated with the project’s launch, foreseeing it as a catalyst to position Jeddah as a world-class destination in various facets, while aligning with the objectives of Vision 2030.

He added, “Marafy blends modernity with historical legacy, fostering community spaces while respecting the city’s roots. The development’s waterfront districts will interconnect seamlessly with each other and the broader city through an intermodal transportation network.”

This network includes water taxis, bus routes, a dedicated Metro Red Line station, and a direct canal link to the King Abdulaziz International Airport.

The launch of Marafy holds profound significance for Roshn as a giga-project entity. Roshn has embraced its role as a multi-asset class developer, intensifying its efforts to become a national leader across diverse sectors.