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Royal Commission for AlUla signs Digital Venture deals with Artefact, Dassault

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) signed two cooperation agreements with the global companies Artefact and Dassault Systemes in the fields of data analysis and digital modelling solutions, aimed at supporting comprehensive and sustainable development in AlUla.

The signing ceremony was held on the sidelines of the Future Investment Initiative Forum.

The agreements aim to expand the RCU’s network of technology partners and enhance AlUla’s growth through the three-dimensional (3D) digital modelling platform, data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), and setting new standards for enabling services, design, and construction.

The partnership between the RCU and Artefact will help harness the potential of AI in a range of new functions and services, including a consultancy on technological transformations and the establishment of a dedicated institute for data and AI.

The endeavor aims to achieve higher economic growth by creating a technological environment capable of providing permanent and sustainable employment opportunities for the growing community of AlUla.

The collaboration between the commission and Dassault Systemes focuses on comprehensive infrastructure, business data, and digital product offerings. It marks the next phase of the most advanced 3D digital modelling projects in the region, following the earlier success of the sustainable design, planning, and construction platform in AlUla during the first phase earlier this year.

This technological initiative will benefit from the experiences of leading experts worldwide and development partners.

The RCU aims to enhance AlUla’s position as a pioneering center for transformation and innovation while preserving heritage and tourism.