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Saudi Arabia aims to recycle 95% of waste, boosting GDP by SR120 billion

The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture (MEWA) has revealed a plan to develop the waste sector in the Kingdom, which includes achieving up to 95% recycling.

This initiative is expected to contribute approximately SR120 billion to the gross domestic product.

Additionally, it aims for the sustainability of recycling up to 100 million tons annually, along with providing over 100,000 job opportunities for citizens in line with the targets of Saudi Vision 2030.

This was stated in the Ministry’s annual report for the year 2023, which emphasized the environmental system’s commitment in the Kingdom to achieving sustainable development goals through well-thought-out plans and strategies across all its sectors.

This includes the National Environmental Strategy, comprising more than 65 initiatives in the sector, investing over SR55 billion.

According to the report, the current recycling rate in the Kingdom’s waste management sector is only 3-4%, which is among the lowest in the world. The Ministry’s plan targets to increase this to 95%.

The Ministry asserts the presence of harmful industrial waste, such as medical waste, and emphasizes the importance of scientifically sound management to avoid unknown dangers to citizens and society.

The system possesses a center dedicated to waste management and sector regulation, working with the private sector to achieve the Ministry’s targets.

The report also notes that the Ministry’s system has preserved over 90,000 hectares and planted more than 50 million trees, accompanied by an increase in community awareness.

Efforts in environmental compliance have enhanced the quality of life.

Furthermore, the report highlights that dust storms recorded by the Kingdom’s Dust Storm Center are at their lowest, at only 10%.

This reduction is attributed to the numerous reserves, increased rainfall, cloud seeding programs, and preservation of over 99,000 hectares of land, along with the planting of approximately 50 million trees across the Kingdom.