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Saudi Arabia launches ‘Saif Al-Salam 12’ field maneuvers in northern region


The “Saif Al-Salam 12” field maneuvers have commenced in Saudi Arabia’s northern region on Sunday, marking a significant collaboration between the Saudi military forces, the Ministries of Interior and National Guard, and the Presidency of State Security.

Ali Al-Ali, the official spokesperson for the maneuvers, detailed that the exercises will encompass a wide array of military operations.

Participants are set to engage in offensive air operations, defensive counter-air operations, strategic attack maneuvers, and air interdiction efforts. The operations will also focus on addressing hostile air threats, conducting both conventional and unconventional warfare tactics, and performing cordon and disinfection operations targeting buildings, villages, and key facilities.

The exercises extend to the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea regions, emphasizing training to counter potential threats such as drones, booby-trapped boats, and naval mines.

Additional focus areas include the protection of critical infrastructure within the operational zones and execution of search and rescue missions.

Al-Ali emphasized that this phase of the exercise aims to enhance the preparedness of the participating forces.

By operating in a joint operations environment characterized by a high degree of training and professionalism, and utilizing a range of modern and advanced weaponry, the maneuvers seek to bolster the readiness and capabilities of Saudi Arabia’s military and security forces.







Saudi Gazette