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Saudi Arabia’s Zaabal Castle area nears completion in major urban revitalization effort

Jouf municipality has announced that a project to develop the area surrounding Zaabal Castle is 95 percent complete, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Sunday.
The development is part of an initiative to combat urban blight in Saudi cities, according to the SPA report.
The mayor of Jouf region, Atef bin Mohammed Al-Shara’an, said the project will not only contribute to the growth of its tourism sector, but also the preservation of archaeological landmarks while integrating the urban and heritage identity of the region.
Al-Shara’an expressed the municipality’s ambition to redesign and improve selected areas in the city of Sakaka to revamp the urban environment and quality of life for its residents.
This includes the resurfacing of streets and sidewalks around the castle and its neighboring zones with stone from Dumat Al-Jandalm, a city of ruins in northwest Saudi Arabia, selected to mirror the region’s natural surroundings.
Al-Shara’an also highlighted the installation of lighting poles with traditional designs and the creation of green spaces.